MATERIAL: Decorative Limestone
COLOR RANGE: White, grey and red

The limestones formations consist predominantly of massive white and grey colour, moderately fossiliferous. The limestones are pure, calcium carbonate making up 98-99% of the rock and contain less 1% magnesium carbonate that is, presumably, in solid solution in the calcite.

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Many thin sections of limestones samples taken from different depths in open pits, dugs, drillings done in limestone deposit during the prospecting and explorations works, were observed using a polarized microscopic. From these studies, the limestones are divided in:
· Micritic limestones
· Biomicrite limestones

The chemical composition was study by classical chemical method. In Table nr. 1 is given the mean chemical composition of the decorative limestones deposits.

For the physical and mechanical properties are tested 53 samples of the decorative limestones, which are taken from open pits and borings. Uniaxial compressive strength tests and direct shear box test were performed for the determination of mechanical parameters. The results of physical and mechanical properties are given in the table.

Physical and Mechanical Properties

Properties Unit Results
W % 0.09-0.12
W op % 0.12-0.23
γ gr/cm 3 2.68-2.69
γ s gr/cm 3 2.70-2.71
n % 0.4-3.1
σ kg/cm 2 755-959
τ- kg/cm 2 330-370
R t kg/cm 2 130-150
σ w gr/cm 65.5-705
σ f kg/cm 2 480-550
Colour White, grey and red
Types bedded